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In 1997, the Creative Director & CEO of Smitherman & Barnwell developed a classic style that was sleek and beautiful.  We provided custom special occasion dresses for high-profile clientele who wanted their little girls to attend extravagant events in style like no other!

Smitherman & Barnwell discovered just how many parents were disappointed that other industry designers had to offer in the market for children, we knew it was time to restructure and present a collection with glamourous styles for little ones!

We quickly grew weary of viewing the collections of other cookie cutters designers.  We disliked how current trends made young respected little girls appear too mature, and we felt using inferior fabrics was inexcusable. 

After much research and re-organization, Smitherman & Barnwell became a sparking new and improved private label luxury boutique house with exceptional designs for today’s special occasion market.  We are a breath of fresh air for the hard-working, respectable career woman raising respectable daughters! We saw and met a dire need in the market when we presented a top-notch collection that was classy, luxuriant, unique, exceptionally gorgeous, yet wholesome.  Our collection is designed with a palate of rich designs, wonderful colors and luxe fabrics that are extraordinarily breathtaking.

Over the years we have been graced with the opportunity to cater to private clients from around the globe –  from Dubai, London, Washington, D.C., New York, and the like.  The Smitherman & Barnwell private clients are prestigious attorneys, physicians and elite business women who desire to make appearances looking luxuriously their best!

The design concept here at Smitherman & Barnwell is centered on upholding the dignity, respect and honor in women and children in today’s climate.  It is our objective to create collections that embrace and preserve the beauty and essence of a child. We choose to dismiss sexualization and re-introduce the ever-so-fleeting purity, honor, and respect.  We take pride in providing stunning rentals for your special occasion, and we know you will feel honorable in wearing them!

Some of our signature pieces reflect imagery of pretty ribbon candies, sweet gumdrops, scrumptious French pastries and delightfully rich cups of cocoa with billowy marshmallows. What more could your little girl ask for? Our indelible rentals are perfect for her debut!  Whether she is accepting an award, walking down the aisle in a wedding, or spinning on a reception dance floor, she is sure to look and feel like the beautiful young girl that she is!

We are so excited for this new launch, and to announce to brides around that world that their wait is over! Brides now have the privilege of renting our luxury flower girl gowns to accent their stylish weddings!  With over 30+ styles to choose from, we are confident that you will find something wonderfully compatible for your wedding theme.  Our rentals allow brides to “go green” in style, while saving on costs and closet space!


Moet & Chandon honored the legacy that fashion designers represent.  The CEO/Creative Director of Smitherman & Barnwell were among fashion designers to watch.  Designers who would make an historic contribution to style.  Moet & Chandon had taken an active role in encouraging creativity and developed a fashion showcase of 

dynamic and emerging briliant fashion designers to a new generation.


 Smitherman & Barnwell proudly presents our signature Limited Edition Moonglow Evening Bag.  This exclusive evening bag is named Moonglow because it is the only evening bag on the market that emits light from its tiny, yet sparkly, custom embroidered floral designs. 

  Originally designed in 2003, our Creative Director exclusively conceived the idea of this high-end luxury rental bag with the fabulous bride in mind.  Our Signature Moonglow Evening bag is custom made by hand in Italy.  The CEO/Creative Director armed with a computer science degree developed the concept and brilliant design worked closely with an expert Italian craftsman to create this stunning one-of-a-kind limited edition evening bag that offers elegant style at its finest!

The sprinkled Swarovski crystals throughout the evening bag add a lovely finishing touch of glamour amongst the light-embedded flowers.  The Moonglow Evening bag is a must-have statement accessory for the one-of-a kind millennium bride that wants a unique flair on her big day!

This bag is certainly for the classy and sophisticated lady who can handle the attention it demands!  It’s unique cylinder shape and petite handle fits daintily in your hand or dangles elegantly on your wrist as you make your entrance into the dimmed event hall.  The exquisite flowers emitting light attract, turn heads and ignite conversations as guests wonder about your extraordinary statement accessory. 

The one-of-a-kind evening bag even has a low and high interior dimmer switch features located inside of the bag, which allow brides the option to adjust their moon glow according to their liking, or their venue’s event lighting.  They can even turn the switch completely off if they wish for a subtle moment of discretion!

The luxury presentation of our MoonGlow Evening Bag is astonishing!  Adding this luxury rental to your wardrobe can give your night just the pizzazz you’ve been looking for.  Let them wonder if their eyes are playing tricks on them, as you glide by like the royal that you are!



It is no secret that Smitherman & Barnwell is admired by fashion bloggers and editors alike.  They love what we are bringing to the market, and unanimously agree that Smitherman & Barnwell have ‘brought back the child’ through their adorable collections. “You know that you are a luxury brand when you are featured in Vogue Bambini, Grace Ormonde, Wedluxe and Hamptons magazine.  You know that you have arrived as a luxury brand when you share a space with Preston Bailey and Sylvia Weinstock at The Wedding Salon in Manhattan- simply amazing!” – CEO/Creative Director of Smitherman & Barnwell.

Did you know that Smitherman & Barnwell was featured in the very first issue of Wedluxe Magazine? That’s right! We had the opportunity to work with their amazingly brilliant editor, Angela Desveaux.  Angela featured our collection in the most creative and whimsical set; marketing our dresses as a luxury flower girl collection that was darling and unique. What an honor it was to be complimented by the editor who has made Wedluxe the crème de la crème of bridal magazines today!

It was a thrill for our company when we were contacted by Essence Magazine, and nominated to be featured amongst top designers showcasing potential gowns to be worn by President Barack Obama’s daughters, Malia and Sasha Obama, at the Inauguration Ball.  Their editorial, “Belles in Training”, highlighted fabulous pieces from our exquisite collection.

Smitherman & Barnwell collections have appeared in the most elegant magazines such as Vogue Bambini, Martha Stewart, Elegant Bride, Earnshaws, Children’s Business Magazine/Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Grace Ormonde, New Jersey Bride, Weddingbells, The Knot, Bergen County Magazine, Modern Dog, New Jersey Life Magazine, Hamptons, Boutique Luxury for Children, Tunnel Magazine, The Bride & the Bloom, Brides, Bridal Guide, Hudson Valley Magazine, Inside Weddings, Modern Bride, San Diego Style Weddings, Star, and Tot Trends.  We were even featured on WABC-TV, a television network covering the greater New York, New Jersey and Long Island area within the United States.

The prominent well-known blog, Junebug Weddings featured Smitherman & Barnwell, highlighting our collection’s imported fabrics, our Italian inspired designs and fun details – perfect for a flower girl!

“The Smitherman & Barnwell collection is exquisite on so many levels.  Unlike many dress collections in the marketplace, Smitherman & Barnwell offers designs that are sophisticated yet truly wearable for girls of all ages.  They feature wonderful designs, unexpected accents, luxe fabrics and unique patterns and motifs.  It is for the modern mom who appreciates timeless designs.” – Tracy Mitchell, Editorial Director (KidStyleSource)

 “The imaginative and illustrious flower girl dress designs of Smitherman & Barnwell stole the show at The Bridal Event held at The Pierre...The event, presented by LM Productions, was the place for some of the best in New York's bridal industry to exhibit products that are sure to make any wedding a memorable event.” – James Girone’s Online Guide to Children’s Fashions

We hope that you will stick around and browse the designs on our site. Our signature Limited Edition Moonglow Evening Bag is a crowd favorite that is sure to wow! Click around and see for yourself exactly what these fashion moguls are raving about!


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